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Satish Steel Works is one of the oldest and leading manufacturers and exporter of all kind of high grade Malleable Iron, Forged and Alloy Steel Fabricated Chains, Slats, C.I. & C.S. Sprockets for Conveyor and Elevators.

Satish Steel Works plant is fully equipped with modern machines to produce above mentioned goods in quality and quantity as per I.S.I., B.S., ASA Standards as per customers drawing of samples.

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"We at SATISH STEEL WORKS dedicated to provide a good quality of product at competitive price in time bounded deliveries so to attain maximum customer satisfaction through continual improvement in Quality Management System".
Strictly Selected Raw Materials are used for Manufacturing chains of black heart Malleable iron which conform to I.S.I Standards. It is the most appropriate material for chains which operate in Filthy water.
Satish Steel Works manufactures all type of high grade Malleable Iron, Forged and Alloy Steel, Fabricated Cane Carrier, Bagasse Carrier, Rake Carrier, Intermediated Carrier, Block Type Forged Chain, Cush Cush Chain, Den Chain.
Satish steel works manufactures industrial chains,stainless steel industrial chains,malleable iron industrial chains,forged block type industrial chains.Industrial chains are available in all specifications and are made for various industries in India.Industrial chains are available and manufactured in stainless steel,malleable iron and forged metal.Get industrial chains,feeder table chains,cane carrier chains,bagasse carreier chains,forged block type chains,intermediate carrier chains,sprocket chains and slats available in all specifications for all purposes.